A lot of goo' things 

happened in the last 

couple of months. 

So we put them all here, 

just for a bunch of some 

black cherrys.

After the release 

of the album - I, and the overwhelmingly positive reviews, The Black started working on their first videos.

And here they are! 

The first 3 videos hits out

 as good,

as the whole album as such.

Enjoy watching!

we've got plenty radio air streaming, regular radio station and internet radios.

got even Nr. 1 for Januar at Z-Rock  and 

Reyners Rock Tramplin 

with our apocalyptic track - 'HERO INN'

and a lot of reviews, 

 different countries,

different people but



an album supreme!

check all reviews - 


we appriciate this 

very much.

Thanx a lot!